Top 10 Finest Eco-Friendly Home Products and Brands of 2020

Top 10 Finest Eco-Friendly Home Products and Brands of 2020

By Aleksandar Janoski & Marko Hristov

Throughout the years, our living environment has been trashed and polluted by the various components released by factories and corporations. Some materials dissolve in a very unnatural way, so as technology progresses, more and more products are made strictly from eco-friendly materials. This saves tons of resources, which in turn helps the surroundings we live in stay cleaner, not to mention more elegant.

Here are some of the finest eco-friendly home products that we can all use to contribute to saving nature, and spruce up our homes!

Making Eco-Products

Eco-friendly home products don’t contain materials that can be harmful to the environment, such as creosote, volatile organic compounds and PVCs. Instead, they’re made from materials such as bamboo, cork and teak, which won’t deteriorate when thrown away.

An example of an eco-friendly home product is the multi-purpose hemp cloth bag, but it may also be defined by the way it’s manufactured – there’s no sense in calling something eco-friendly if it was made with unrenewable energy sources and toxic materials.

Eco-products protect nature and its resources from exploitation and pollution, and while they’re far from the main production method currently, companies around the globe are slowly but surely pivoting towards them. Some of the biggest corporations in the world have already implemented more sustainable methods and eco-friendly materials in their production process.

Why Go Green

Go Green is an initiative that promotes sustainable living and the use of eco-friendly products. The Go Green way of thinking culminated with their latest concept – Zero Waste. This concept is based on extending the life cycle of purchased items by following the 5R formula: Refuse, Reduce, Recompost, Recycle, and Reuse. 

The 5R formula can help you organize your life to minimize landfill waste and take your recycling to the next level. 

  • Refusing is the first step – avoid purchasing items that can potentially harm the environment. 
  • Reducing means using less than usual. 
  • Reusing is replacing a single-use item with something that can be used multiple times. 
  • Repurposing is using items you already own to fashion different products. 
  • Recycling: the most important part of 5R. Recycle most of the electronics you have, as well as random fabrics laying around you, and of course – cans, paper, cardboards, metal, plastic and glass. 

Keep using this useful 5R rule and nature will return the favor. 

The Go Green initiative helps people save nature by communicating with customers on their contributions to this idea through the products they purchase in their everyday lives. 

Go Green also encourages people to switch to or start using electricity harvested from alternative sources – more specifically, not from fossil fuels. 

Thinking about going green but don’t know where to start? Contact them and they’ll help you out!

Top Selling Eco-Friendly Home Decor Products

Buying eco-friendly home decor is a simple yet efficient way to have a positive effect on the environment. In fact, most buyers are willing to pay for pre-used decor or the so-called ‘distressed’ look. 

Eco-friendly home decor products are mostly made of wood, but not just any wood – some trees are harvested en-masse, which contributes to the ‘deforestation epidemic’. Eco-friendly wood is any wood with an FSC certification. 

Some businesses have shifted their manufacturing focus towards producing eco-friendly home products such as furniture, blankets, linen, and a variety of other products for your homes. 

Looking to buy some? Here are the best eco-friendly products on the market today:

Bee’s Wrap Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

Bee’s Wrap is the natural substitute for plastic food wraps. Made from natural beeswax, these wraps are rapidly gaining popularity due to their environmentally-friendly ingredients.

Skoy’s Reusable Dishcloths

These dishcloths are handmade from 100% polyester, delivering the perfect solution to the problem of single-use towels and wipers. They can be washed up to 100 times and once they’ve served their purpose, they can be recycled and brought back as a new dishcloth, ready to be used again!

Armadillo & Co’s Multipurpose Handcrafted Rugs

Handmade rugs can be the ultimate environment friendly products. Long-lasting and made with natural-only ingredients, these rugs contain no pollutants or toxic materials. Perfect for your kids to play on!

BarnwoodUSA’s Float Box Shelves

Good-looking, practical, versatile – not the first words that come to mind when talking about box shelves, but BarnwoodUSA outdid themselves with their version of the product. You can use them as bookshelves, but don’t hesitate to shake things up and repurpose them – they look amazing everywhere!

The Cozy Lane’s Nordic Interior Decor

Are you planning to get some unique decor for your room? The Cozy Lane offers plenty of Nordic and Boho Style home decor pieces made entirely out of recycled and eco-friendly materials. Check out our store and pick the next stand-out piece in your artsy home!


Considered the most important piece of every home decor set, the use of wood furniture made from sustainable and renewable sources should be your main focus for decorating. Plenty of manufactures around the globe offer their eco-friendly home products and lots of them are affordable and uniquely designed.

Brabantia’s Sort & Go Bins

Brabantia’s Sort & Go Waste Bin collection raised the bar for multipurpose recycling bins. Their Sort & Go Bins can be used as trash cans, toys storage, countertop disposal and are entirely made out of recyclable plastic (Cradle-to-cradle Bronze certified) and the ergonomic design lets you place them anywhere in your home!

Exotic Candles

Candles are those tiny home decor products that can really make a room more cozy and comfortable! All candles made with green, non-toxic ingredients won’t just look nice in your home – they’ll fill it with a fragrant aroma!


Carpets are a very significant element in any home, but they rarely stand out. Eco-carpets are not easy to make so they can be pricey, but they’re also incredibly durable and leave a tiny environmental footprint. The market is ripe with carpets made from natural resources, varying in shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Check out our store for some beautiful, yet classy choices!

Top Selling Eco-friendly Brands

The Joinery

The Joinery is an adorable little woodshop located in Portland, Oregon. They hand-craft furniture, beds, coffee tables, and other pieces of decor from renewable forest materials. Made with carefully selected wood from the massive forests surrounding the state of Oregon, The Joinery’s handmade products can match anyone’s standards and quality. Go to their store – see for yourself!

The Cozy Lane

The Cozy Lane is an aesthetic and elegance-focused online shop offering a variety of eco-friendly home decor products that can seamlessly blend into just about any room in your home. Our little shop is stacked with environment friendly products such as blankets, vases, pillows, plant holders, rugs, candle holders, etc. Get your hands on some of those cozy home decor products!

Armadillo & Co

Armadillo specializes in designing ethically-handmade rugs created from sustainable and natural fibers. They design rugs in various sizes and patterns, mixing beloved classics with modernist styles in their signature New Zealand-blended wool. Explore their store and pick your favorite!

Prosperity Candle

Want something to get the groove on in your home? 

Get some candles from Prosperity Candle!

This B-Corp was founded by Amber Chand, an artisan immigrant with a dream to protect nature and empower people. Their candlesticks are made in different shapes and sizes, using only environment-friendly materials!

The Inside

The Inside is for the creative heads among us who can’t find anything they like on the market. Here, you can design your own home decor, customize existing pieces, and adapt them to your desired style. Environment friendly products made by you, for you! Go to their website to start customizing your tone!

ABC Carpet & Home 

ABC Carpet & Home is a store that became popular thanks to its selection of unique goods and eco-friendly home products. Here, you can find anything you need – from furniture or lighting, to drapes and linens.


BarnwoodUSA’s Rustic Farmhouse Float Box Shelves are one of the many cozy home decor products handcrafted from local US artisans. All of BarnwoodUSA’s environment friendly product designs are made with reclaimed and recycled wood originating only from the US. Visit their online store and get your hands on those beautiful eco-products!

Bee’s Wrap

This brand has been around since 2012, and they’re currently one of Amazon’s bestsellers in the food wrapping category, with over a thousand flawless reviews. Bee’s Wrap is inexpensive and will keep your food fresh for long periods of time. Check out their store and order your Bee’s wrap today!


This California-based business was established in 2007 by Michele Lundquist and Karen Petersen, and it’s grown to be one of the leading producers of eco friendly products for kitchens, bathrooms, and cleaning products. They now offer scrubs, towels, cloths, and even holders to make your bathroom greener!


Brabantia has been operating in the city of Aalst since 1919. Their products include various types of bins, food storage units and accessories, entirely made out of recyclable plastic – Cradle-to-cradle Bronze certified. Their ergonomic designs make Brabantia products incredibly practical and easy to blend into any room of your house!


Truth is – we’ll deplete nature’s resources very quickly if we don’t switch to a more sustainable way of living. Pollution is still the world’s number-one problem and every major factory and business will eventually be forced to switch their manufacturing to more eco-friendly home products to contribute to evermore-popular green ideas.

This world is the only home we have, and it’s up to us to save it!

So next time you want to freshen your home, go for something that will not only look good but will also help the environment!

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